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Mokaly is a team integration tool for remote workers. Mokaly helps people to work together, anywhere.
We offer an office map view where remote teams can create and customize working spaces according to the company's culture, ie. departments, squads, projects, individual rooms, meeting rooms and even overlay zones. With a single click, you can talk to one or multiple teammates. Each room either has quick access to calendars, documents, white board or any other tools you need.
You can also share images, files, audio and video messages to a group or individuals, using our chat.
Mokaly motivates your team in an informal way using gamification and techniques which increases collaboration, and it becomes metrics! Our dashboard tracks your team’s engagement with analytics tools.


The coffee break is missed, right? It's not the same when you're working remote. But it's not necessarily about the coffee itself, it's about having that quick chat with a colleague. Exchange an idea, clear a doubt, that spontaneous, uncommitted thing, without invitations, links and bureaucracy.

Why did this break become such a sacred ritual in offices around the world?

The time for a cup of coffee is quick, enough for it to stay hot - just like the subject that enters the discussion. After it's cooled off, it loses its fun, the excitement of the idea goes away, the motivation to change gives way to routine. And that "eureka moment!" gets lost and makes room for a new subject.

That's why the daily coffee time is so essential and the moments of interactions so precious, because, with them, the subject is hot.

"Amazing how such a simple platform became so powerful for the team in such a short time!
Each one has their own room and makes communication closer and more spontaneous.
No more using different tools!"

Laís Vargas

Co-founder of Minimiza and Typing
LinkedIn Top Voice

"In the internal climate survey, Mokaly was chosen as the best decision to keep the team together and productive in remote work."

Marcos Ano Bom

Grupo Novofoco

"Before, we had difficulties in integrating the teams in SP and RJ, it was always very difficult to make contact, as I didn't know if the other was busy. With the arrival of Mokaly and his virtual room map, this barrier has been broken down. It's very practical and useful."

Eduardo Melare

ERP Deployment Analyst

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