Mokaly is a distributed team integration tool that allows for a closer and more spontaneous communication.

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Mokaly Solves the complexity of corporate communication in an efficient and fun way. Through a map view, your entire team will feel working side by side, even if distant. Just enter a room on the map and start a conversation, no bureaucracy.
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The coffee break is missed, right? It's not the same when you're working remote. But it's not necessarily about the coffee itself, it's about having that quick chat with a colleague. Exchange an idea, clear a doubt, that spontaneous, uncommitted thing, without invitations, links and bureaucracy.

Why did this break become such a sacred ritual in offices around the world?

The time for a cup of coffee is quick, enough for it to stay hot - just like the subject that enters the discussion. After it's cooled off, it loses its fun, the excitement of the idea goes away, the motivation to change gives way to routine. And that "eureka moment!" gets lost and makes room for a new subject.

That's why the daily coffee time is so essential and the moments of interactions so precious, because, with them, the subject is hot.

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"Amazing how such a simple platform became so powerful for the team in such a short time!
Each one has their own room and makes communication closer and more spontaneous.
No more using different tools!"

Laís Vargas

Co-founder of Minimiza and Typing
LinkedIn Top Voice

"In the internal climate survey, Mokaly was chosen as the best decision to keep the team together and productive in remote work."

Marcos Ano Bom

Novofoco Group

"Before, we had difficulties in integrating the teams in SP and RJ, it was always very difficult to make contact, as I didn't know if the other was busy. With the arrival of Mokaly and his virtual room map, this barrier has been broken down. It's very practical and useful."

Eduardo Melare

ERP Deployment Analyst

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Mokaly and other team integration software?

Mokaly is an innovative way to integrate distributed teams. A map view is able to show your team's dynamics taking place and enables instant, high-quality synchronous and asynchronous communication. No more scheduling and sending meeting links via email and Whatsapp.

With Mokaly you'll make unlimited videoconferences and chats with your team without the need to install applications, quickly, securely and simply.

Access our resource page to understand how Mokaly simplifies the integration of distributed teams.

What is the subscription fee?

Visit the price section and see that there are plans for each size of company or team and start a 15-day free test drive in less than 2 minutes, without the need to inform credit cards or other bureaucracy.

Are there discounts according to the number of users?

Yes, the bigger your team, the cheaper the value per user. Check out the price section the options and discounts by plan.

Is Mokaly an online software or do I need to install it on my computer?

Mokaly is completely online. Compatible with all modern browsers on the market and does not require installation of any software. All calls and chats are secure and encrypted.

It is the most modern and secure communication technology via browser, compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux computers and also with almost all modern smartphone browsers (Android and iPhone).

Can I use Mokaly to talk to other software?

In the Custom version, offered to companies over 100 users, it is possible to integrate with other tools through our modern, fast and well-documented APIs.

What communication features does Mokaly offer?

Mokaly quickly and simply resolves all types of communication:

  • Communication that is Synchronous (videoconferences and audioconferences)
  • Asynchronous communication (text chats, images, videos, attachments and audio messages)
  • Subjective and visual communication: implicit in Mokaly's map. With just a glance at the map, you know that an employee is at lunch (the "Refectory" on the map) or has positioned himself in the "Bubble" room, indicating that he does not want to be disturbed, as he is busy with some task that requires full focus.

The powerful map also gives visibility to your work, as it shows other colleagues the dynamics of conversations with all team members throughout your day.

Videoconferences can also be made with external people (customers and suppliers for example) through a link that is generated with 1 click and can be shared by email or Whatsapp without you typing anything!

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

The company may reduce or cancel the subscription at any time and no further charges will be made.

Am I entitled to a trial period?

Yes, your company can try it for 7 days for free and with full functionality. Open your account by clicking here. It's fast, no paperwork and no credit card required.

Do you offer any training for the team?

It's so intuitive that you'll notice your team will start using it on day one. We still have video tutorials that explain the main features and remote productivity hacks.

Can I create an account and join more than one company I serve?

Yes! A personal account can belong to one or more companies. The contract and payment is made by the companies and if you receive an invitation to join another company, just accept it and it won't cost you.

If you are the payment manager of a company, make sure your company has the correct amount of licenses to be able to invite professionals from your team or temporary service providers. Depending on your demand you can also expand or reduce these licenses according to your need and staff elasticity.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Our plans can be paid by Visa or Mastercard credit card (national or international) and are made in Reais for companies in Brazil (without exchange variations). For other countries, charges are in Dollars.
Exceptionally, we are accepting payments by bank slip or Pix, for companies located in Brazil.

Do you issue invoices for our company?

Yes, for companies located in Brazil, the invoice for the provision of services is issued and the collection is made in Reais, without surprises or exchange variations.