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You work at a company that has adopted remote work, but you miss the contact with colleagues, spontaneous conversations that generate good ideas and new projects, coffee in the morning to warm up the topics of the day?

Mokaly is an online platform for the integration of distributed teams that enables a faster communication between you and your colleagues. No way to send a message and wait for the answer to decide the path. No need to hit schedules anymore, create links or go through dozens of processes that cut your high.

Mokaly offers an instantaneous status and map visualization template. That means you you will be able to see all of your colleagues, whether they are in meetings, online or focused in some project. All this to ensure that you are not inconvenienced or inconvenienced for nothing.

If you enjoy working remotely but miss spontaneous conversations and being together with your team, Mokaly is here to keep the subject hot and the team 100% integrated.

With Mokaly it's like this: easy as remote, close as in person.


The coffee break is missed, right? It's not the same when you're working remote. But it's not necessarily about the coffee itself, it's about having that quick chat with a colleague. Exchange an idea, clear a doubt, that spontaneous, uncommitted thing, without invitations, links and bureaucracy.

Why did this break become such a sacred ritual in offices around the world?

The time for a cup of coffee is quick, enough for it to stay hot - just like the subject that enters the discussion. After it's cooled off, it loses its fun, the excitement of the idea goes away, the motivation to change gives way to routine. And that "eureka moment!" gets lost and makes room for a new subject.

That's why the daily coffee time is so essential and the moments of interactions so precious, because, with them, the subject is hot.


Be the integration tool of the most engaged teams.


Integrate teams that work from anywhere.


Break down the barriers that limit collaborative work.

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