How to keep collaboration and results up without affecting your quality of life?
Mokaly is your digital headquarters, where distributed teams maintain their internal communication as easy remotely as in person would be.
Mokaly offers an office map view and instant status. That means you will be able to see all of your colleagues, whether they are in meetings, online or focused on a task. Preventing interruptions and micromanagement.
If you enjoy working remotely, but miss spontaneous conversations and being together with your team, Mokaly is here to revolutionize remote collaboration.

Our motto at Mokaly is: work together, anywhere.


Remote work has become a symbol of freedom.

What was once a little explored option, working remotely is now the only viable way being the most relevant and wanted choice.

Companies, leaders and employees are dealing with new challenges and makeshift tools to face them. Generating loss in communication, collaboration and spontaneity.

The truth behind the success in the remote model goes beyond adapting companies, processes and people. We need to build a new model, one with a new vision and new tools.

We believe in bringing people together, even if they are physically apart. Mokaly fosters team collaboration by giving back the sense of belonging.


Be the official headquarters of all remote and distributed teams.


Help distributed teams keep internal communication as easy remotely as in person.


Offer the best way to work side-by-side remotely.

Bring your team closer through Mokaly

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